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What is Wilderness Medicine Education?

In general, the term Wilderness Medicine refers to medical treatment of illness and trauma that is performed in an environment lacking readily accessible, or conventional hospital-level facilities. We refer to these environments as a Wilderness Context.

Wilderness Medicine Courses offer critical thinking based skills that train you to handle situations from a blister on your foot to traumatic or medical emergencies. The majority of your new knowledge is meant to be used anywhere, at any time. At Barefoot Wild Med, we train you in up to six special protocols, designed for use in a Wilderness Context.

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Why Barefoot Wild Med?

We Teach the ‘Why’

If you’re ready to hone your critical thinking skills, you’ve come to the right place. Critical thinking actually makes learning about wilderness medicine much easier because instead of trying to memorize everything (which is impossible—trust us), you are able to actually justify every decision that you make.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have 100% confidence that your patient isn’t going to die on you in the next 5 minutes? What about being absolutely sure that you are making the right decision to stay in the field? You don’t have to second guess your decisions. We will teach you these skills—and more.

At Barefoot Wild Med, we won’t cram a ton of info into your head just so you can forget it when you get home. Our goal is to help you understand WHY you are making the decisions you are making—so your knowledge will continue to stick.

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